Study Tips for your Student

  • Believe In Yourself
    Have a Positive Attitude
    Use Positive Self-Talk

  • Take Good Notes
    Recognize Important Information
    Take Notes That Are Easy To Read
    Go Over Your Notes As Soon As Possible
    Get Copies of Class Notes If You're Absent

  • Be Organized
    Use your agenda
    Use three-ring binders for each class (notes)
    Use folders for schoolwork
    Have phone numbers for classmates
    Keep your backpack neat
    Get organized before you go to be
    Binder Organization

  • Know How to Read a Textbook
    Scan by reading subtitles, words in bold and italic print, summaries, charts and review questions
    Read with a purpose

  • Manage Your Time Well
    Create your own study plan
    Use class time to start homework and speak with teachers regarding questions
    Prepare for sabotage (identify anything that could interrupt study plan; figure out how to eliminate or avoid it)

  • Study Smart
    Find a good place to study
    Organize your study time

  • Be Successful in the Classroom
    Be on time
    Come prepared
    Do your homework
    Be a good group member
    Involve parents

  • Use Test-Taking Strategies
    Get off to a good start
    Develop a plan
    Mark the questions that you want to return to increase your odds on multiple-choice questions
    Look for key words in True/False questions
    Check your answers
    Go over returned tests

  • Reduce Test Anxiety
    Think positive
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