Warning Signs of Underachievement

Reprinted from Seattle Times (Nov. 2002)

Here are some red flags that your child is an underachiever, from http://www.underachievingchild.com and "Overcoming Underachieving" by Ruth Peters:

  • Scores well on achievement tests, but has low grades
  • Turns in work inconsistently and does not complete assignments on time
  • Makes excuses for poor work and failures
  • Lacks organization skills and does not use time effectively
  • Prefers to socialize or "hang out" rather than do schoolwork
  • Procrastinates or works slowly on assignments
  • "Gets by" rather than doing his/her best
  • Forgets to bring books and folders home from school or vice versa
  • Promises to do better, but doesn't follow through
  • Does good work when the teacher regularly checks homework, but slacks off with less strict teachers
  • Gets out of work by being charming or clever
  • Hides or lies about poor grades and homework
  • Fails to mention important assignments such as book reports or projects
  • Has unexcused absences
  • Blames others for his poor grades, as in, "The teacher doesn't like me."

If you find that this fits your child, please don't hesitate to contact your school. Teachers, counselors, and administrators are more than willing to help prevent your child from being left behind.

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