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The English department's goal is to meet the needs of all students by offering a challenging and stimulating language arts program. Students should look forward to rigorous, standards-based curriculum emphasizing active reading strategies, literary analysis, writing in a variety of rhetorical modes, and the development of listening and speaking skills. Working in an interdisciplinary capacity with other departments, as well as our colleagues at Sheldon High School, we are implementing teaching strategies requiring higher-level thinking skills into an already rigorous curriculum that will provide all students with the skills necessary to succeed in high school advanced placement courses. Our honors courses are open to all students interested, committed and motivated in challenging themselves in a demanding educational environment.
Additionally, students will have the opportunity to apply standards-based concepts and learning in a variety of ways. Using textbooks, consumable workbooks, on-line resources, technology, and collaborative learning strategies, students will explore the reading, writing, listening and speaking strands of our curriculum, as well as gain familiarity with a variety of literary and expository texts. We are excited and look forward to fostering an enthusiasm for learning in all students.
Staff Members:
Brown, Cherelle
Cole, Debra
Goodson, Bianca
Hammond, Katharine
Harrigan, Meghan
Moreno, Margaret
Reedy, Kris 
Sanchez, Elvia
Stephenson, Sara
Stevens-Martin, Amariah
Whiteacre, Kyra