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The 7th grade Science classes focus on life science, including the study of anatomy and physiology, Earth’s history, cell structure and function, and genetics. The 8th grade Science classes focus on physical science, including introductory chemistry, physics, and astronomy. 
It is the goal of our department to maintain high standards for academic achievement, while addressing the needs of the various students in our classes. We strongly believe that parent support is the key to student success. Therefore, we have made a departmental commitment to providing a HWAS (Homework and Activity Sheet) to every student with a detailed list of in-class assignments and homework assignments. We greatly appreciate parental support in monitoring homework completion. We continue working with Sheldon High School to articulate about the courses we offer at T. R. Smedberg, and students' progress and evaluation, ensuring that all students are receiving the best possible science education in grades seven through twelve.
Staff Members:
Gill, Parneet
Hughes, Michael
Morn, Matt
Quintero, Sheryl
Ting, Jocelyn