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Social Science

The Social Science Department here at T. R. Smedberg is highly committed to teaching our students the importance of all aspects of social science so that they become well informed and thoughtful citizens in the future. The department consists of two teams, the eighth grade US history team and the seventh grade world history team. They have worked hard over the past few years to ensure that students succeed in achieving high levels of proficiency in meeting the Common Core State Standards.
  • The goal of the Social Science department is to foster responsible citizens, provide ALL students with life and educational skills that will enable ALL students to be productive, responsible, and civil in an ever-changing society.
  • We will collect, organize, and analyze Common Core State Standards aligned assessments as evidence for students and teacher modifications.
  • We will use department wide curriculum and testing to ensure a fair and equitable experience on behalf of the students.
Staff Members:
Belan, Yekaterina
DeLaMere, Samantha
Hammonnd-Elegue, Shawn
Leonard, Mathew
Marquez, Adriana