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The Visual and Performing Arts/Career Technical Education Department (VAPA/CTE) at Smedberg Middle School consists of four disciplines: Music, Theater, Dance and Visual Art. We have a 7th and 8th grade program. The 7th grade program is a survey of the arts and the 8th grade program consists of more in-depth study. The Arts Programs here at T. R. Smedberg feed directly into the VAPA program at Sheldon High School. The Arts curriculum taught is aligned with the California State Standards for each discipline and is linked to a Visual and Performing Arts Academy at Sheldon. The VAPA department encourages every student to participate in these wonderfully enriching programs. Students interested in further exploration of the arts are encouraged to seek special counseling from any VAPA teacher.
Staff Members:
Black, Craig - Art
Brashier, John - Music
Caston, Amy - Theater
George, Lisa - Dance

Music Department website: