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Student and Family Empowerment Center (SAFE)

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Mission and Goal
  • The mission of our SAFE Centers is to remove barriers that impede access to education by collaborating with students, their families, and community partners in order to meet students’ basic needs. 
  • The goal of our SAFE Centers is to improve the educational, health, and social emotional outcomes for our students and their families.
What SAFE Centers do: 
SAFE Centers provide case management for students and families that are facing challenges such as economic hardships, homelessness, food insecurity, health, dental, vision, mental health concerns, and lack of resources.
Homeless Education Services – The SAFE Center provides resources supports for students living in transition or who do not have a regular, fixed, adequate night time residence.  Technical support, training and information can be provided to sites and staff in order to support students and families with housing insecurities.  Project ACT – Assisting Children in Transition and the Homeless Education Liaison are available to answer questions, assist with enrollment, provide support and resources.
General Services and Supports – The SAFE Center provides services and support to all students in need. 
These services include:
  • Clothing & food closet referrals
  • Medical, dental, & vision referrals
  • Linkage to insurance enrollment
  • Individual & family counseling referrals
  • Homeless education program
  • Parenting class information
  • Support services for families on public assistance
  • And connections to many other services and resources