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A Day at T. R. Smedberg Middle School

First of all, welcome to T.R. Smedberg Middle School . We know that the first couple of days at a new school can be pretty stressful. We know this can be pretty intimidating and you probably have a ...more

Study Tips for your Student

  • Believe In Yourself
    Have a Positive Attitude
    Use Positive Self-Talk
  • Take Good Notes
    Recognize Important Information
    Take Notes That Are Easy To Read

Characteristics of Middle School Students

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Warning Signs of Underachievement

Reprinted from Seattle Times (Nov. 2002)
Here are some red flags that your child is an underachiever, from and "Overcoming Underachieving" by Ruth Peters:

Smeddy's Tips 4 Success

  • The Rules For Being Human
  • The Bottom Line
  • Study Tips
Below you will find some recommended literature to help students and parents make the transition to middle school. You will find book titles ...more