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Yearbook Program Overview
Yearbook is a project based class where students learn, practice and master the skills needed to produce the yearbook. Students work independently and in groups, on activities and tasks related to producing the book, such as: photography, copy writing, caption writing, interviewing, computer design, layouts, marketing, advertising and sales. All yearbook students must meet strict deadlines, which are determined by our publisher Herff Jones. In order to meet these deadlines, yearbook students must be willing to cover events throughout the year and to work outside of school hours.
Each yearbook that is produced is a memory book, a keepsake, a history book, a record book, and ultimately, a piece of art that preserves the events and emotions of the year for students and faculty alike. We are dedicated to producing a book that accurately reflects the events, the student body and the staff of T. R. Smedberg. We strive to adhere to journalistic standards and to provide honest and thorough coverage of each school year.
Yearbook Advisor: Margaret Keeler
Click here to purchase your yearbook directly from Herff Jones. Use school code: 16224