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NO CHECKS ALLOWED for payment of book fines




Please be advised that students are financially responsible for all textbooks and library books checked out from the library.  This means that students must pay for all books that are lost or stolen.  Students who decide to keep textbooks in their classrooms do so at their own risk. Many times a student gets a textbook mixed up with another classmate and when this happens, the student is still responsible for the book checked out and listed on his/her record.  

NOTE:  Students must resolve any issues with lost or stolen textbooks & library books before they will be allowed to check out any new books.

What can you do if you have lost or had a textbook stolen? 
Stop by the library and speak with library staff for details about the following options:

1) Pay for the full cost for a replacement textbook.  We only accept CASH or CHECK payments.

2) Start a payment plan to pay for your replacement textbook.  You will need to pay for a percentage of the replacement cost of the book divided by the number of school terms left in the school year.  We only accept CASH or CHECK payments.


Or the following option is only available for TEXTBOOKS NOT LIBRARY OR CORE NOVELS:

3) See Mrs. Somers for details on replacing TEXTBOOKS ONLY online.  You must first speak to Mrs. Somers BEFORE you decide to use this option for TEXTBOOKS ONLY as you MUST follow specific EGUSD guidelines.

NOTE: If you choose to purchase a replacement textbook you will NOT receive any refund if your lost textbook is found.


carrying booksOnce a student has checked out a library book and/or a textbook, he/she is responsible for appropriate use and care of the book. 


Students have 7 days from the checkout date to report any damages not noted in the inside cover of the book to the librarian. Students are financially responsible for any damages to the book during the textbook loan period.  Please make every effort to return the book to the library in good condition.

Here are some guidelines to help you take care of your textbook: 

1) Always cover your textbook with a textbook cover.  See the video on this page on "HOW TO COVER YOUR     TEXTBOOKS"  Please don't tape your cover to your book

2) Other than writing your name on the inside front cover, never write or draw in your textbook.
(You may be charged fines for any writing or marks found in your book)

3) Always keep your textbook dry when it rains.
(You may be charged fines for any water damage to your book)

4) Please keep food, drinks, pets & younger siblings away from your textbook.
(You may be charged fines for any food, drink or pet stains as well as scribbles or tears caused by toddlers found in your book)

5) Never leave your textbook in your class or loan your book to someone.
(You are responsible for any lost or stolen textbook.  Some textbooks can cost up to $100 to replace.)

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