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The T. R. Smedberg Math Department goal is to help and encourage students to become knowledgeable and confident in the area of mathematics. We use a standards based curriculum which is often modified to meet the needs of each incoming group of students. We believe that no two students learn the same way and so are committed to showing multiple representations of as many standards as we are able. We strive for students to strengthen their foundation in math by knowing why they are doing something and not just how. These standards and ideas are emphasized through the use of group discussions, activities, lectures, and some projects.
Each course is designed to prepare students for the next course. Please feel free to contact your student’s math teacher or the department chair with any questions you may have regarding the math program at T. R. Smedberg.


Click here for Math 7 Workbook

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Staff Members:

Barchus, Shannon 
Calderon, Misty
Carpio, Monnique
Gallagher, Robert
Heath, Mariska
Sanchez, Andrea
Silva, Louis